Natural Resource Consulting Inc. is a leader in offering quality, affordable and environmentally sound recommendations and services for sustainable and effective timber management. 

Why a Consultant ? What’s in it for You?

  Someone to protect your interest and your land.

  Someone who knows your interest and objectives and not someone who needs to deliver wood to a mill.

 Someone knowledgeable about local timber markets and market conditions to get you the best dollar at the best time.

  Someone that can give you a value for your timber before the sale.

  Someone who can tell you if you have received a good price for your timber based on current market conditions.

  Someone who will assist you with planning and provide assistance on what needs to be done after the sale.

We believe we have two responsibilities: One is to our customers and the other is to the community. Our responsibility to our customers includes adapting to their specific needs and assuring that these needs are satisfied.

Our responsibility to the community involves being good stewards of the natural resources, which surround us.