“I like doing most things myself, but the one thing that I’ve learned over my 60 plus years of being a timberland owner is that if I want to receive top dollar for my timber, I use NRC. It makes all the difference.” – Joe Collins

“We have used NRC for almost 20 years. In 2009 they called and told us they could get an unbelievable price for our pine plantation. It was a once in a life time opportunity. So we followed their advice and couldn’t believe the results – A 33% return on our initial invest-ment. We certainly couldn’t have gotten that kind of return from the stock market.” – Bob & Betty Hayes

NRC had prepared a forest management plan for our 400+ acres of timberland. Two years later they called and said the market is right for the type of timber you have.So we went with their recommendation to sell some of our timber. I was astonished at the difference between the high and low bid, and couldn’t believe how much money we received for the timber. Now it has all been replanted and growing more money to help serve the medical interests of our community.
I guess money does grow on trees!”
Lee Greer, Chief Financial Officer,
Community Hospital